MAX690 Watchdog timer DIP-8 IC


MAX690 Watchdog timer Supervisor Reset MicroMonitor Spannungswächter DIP-8 IC

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MAX690 Watchdog timer Supervisor Reset MicroMonitor Spannungswächter DIP-8 IC

MAX690 Watchdog Supervisor Reset MicroMonitor IC © androegg

Der MAX690 MicroMonitor Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit im DIP-8 Gehäuse


Der MAX690 MicroMonitor IC unterstützt 4 Funktionen zur Überwachung eines Microprozessors.


The DS1232 MicroMonitor IC is available

  • DIP-8 package
  • SOP-8 package

The MAX690 MicroMonitor Chip supports 4 supervising functions for microprocessors.

MAX690 MicroMonitor IC Features:

The MAX690, MAX692, and MAX694 are supplied in
8-pin packages and provide four functions:
● A reset output during power-up, power-down, and
brownout conditions.
● Battery backup switching for CMOS RAM, CMOS
microprocessor or other low power logic.
● A Reset pulse if the optional watchdog timer has not
been toggled within a specified time.
● A 1.3V threshold detector for power fail warning, low
battery detection, or to monitor a power supply other
than +5V.

  • Supervisory Function Integration Saves Board Space while Fully Protecting Microprocessor-Based Systems
  • Vcc Operating Voltage Range 4.75 – 5.5V
  • Vbatt Operating Voltage Range 2.0 – 4.25
  • Precision Voltage Monitor — 4.65V
  • Power OK/Reset Time Delay — 50ms (typ.)
  • Battery Backup Power Switching
  • Voltage Monitor for Power Fail or Low Battery Warning
  • Minimum External Component Count
  • Low Power Consumption in Battery Backup Mode Extends Battery Life
  • 1μA Standby Current
  • Onboard Gating of Chip Enable Signals Protects Against Erroneous Data Written to RAM During Low VCC Events

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