RS232 to WLan Board
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RS232 to WLan Board


Androegg RS232 to WLan Board, komplett montiert (keine Lötarbeiten notwendig).

Complete Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board. The Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board

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RS232 to WLan Board serial to Wifi UART to Wifi GPIO to Wifi RTL8711AF RS232 sub-D no ESP8266

RS232 to WLan Board RTL8711AF IoT SoC © androegg

UART to Wifi © androegg

3dBi PCB WiFi Antenna © androegg

UART to Wifi Windows Application © androegg

RS232 to Wifi Web Interface © androegg

Androegg RS232 to WLan Board, komplett montiert (keine Lötarbeiten notwendig), inkl. 3 dBi PCB Antenne. Das RS232 to WLan Board kann sowohl mittels

  • Windows Software
  • WebInterface (nur SSID)
  • AT Kommandos

konfiguriert werden.

Das Androegg RS232 to Wlan basiert auf dem MediaTec RTL8711AF Chip. Der integrierte SPI Flash des RS232 to WLan Board ist bereits mit einer Firmware versehen um serielle Signale über Wifi zu übertragen.

Mittels der integrierten Firmware kann das Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board in wenigen Sekunden in Betrieb gesetzt werden.

Mittels einfachen AT Befehlen

  • WLan / SSID konfigurieren
  • GPIO Funktionen aufrufen
  • UART einrichten

Das Androegg RS232 to WLan Board eignet sich insbesondere zur Übertragung von seriellen / RS232 / UART mittels WLan. Die seriellen Signale werden dabei in TCP / IP umgesetzt und können mittels

  • Socket abgefragt werden
  • von RS232 zu RS232 übertragen werden

Durch den kombinierten Einsatz von 2 Stück RS232 to WLan Boards oder in Kombination mit dem Androegg MT7681 Modul werden die seriellen Signal

  • in TCP / IP konvertiert
  • über WLan übetragen
  • in serielle Daten zurück gewandelt

Complete Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board incl. 3dBi PCB Antenna. The RS232 to WiFi Board can be configured by using

  • Windows Application
  • Web Interface (only SSID)
  • AT Commands


The Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board is based on MediaTec RTL8711AF Chip. The integrated SPI Flash is already flashed with a Firmware for transfering serial signals thru WIFI.


With the integrated Firmware the Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board is configured in seconds.

With simple AT commands

  • WIFI / SSID configuration
  • read and write GPIO
  • getting serial signals thru WIFI (UART to TCP IP converter)

The Androegg RS232 to Wifi Board is optimized to transfer serial / RS232 / UART Signals thru WIFI. The serial signals are converted into TCP / IP and transfered thru Wifi. The signals can

  • accessed over TCP / IP Socket
  • transfered from RS232 to RS232 thru Wifi

In combination of 2 RS232 to Wifi Boards or in combination with our Androegg MT7681 Module, serial data

  • converted into TCP / IP
  • passed thru Wifi
  • reconverted into serial data

RS232 to WLan Board Features:

  • MCU:
    • Frequency: 83 MHz.
    • Risk: 32-bit
  • SPI Flash
  • integrated RS232 sub-D female connector
  • 5V barrel jack
  • integrated 5V – 3.3V converter
  • 802.11 b/g/n protocol
  • wireless supplicant and TCP/IP stack
  • integrated RF PA, LNA and RF switch
  • integrated I-PEX Antenna connector
  • 3 dBi PCB Antenna external
  • +19 dBm output power in 802.11b mode
  • Security support for
    WPA personal (WPA-PSK)
    WPA2 personal (WPA2-PSK)
    WPA/WPA2 personal
  • Integrated low power 32-bit MCU
    Sleep Mode: 1.1mA
    RX Active, HT40, MCS7: 151mA
    RX Power saving, DTIM=1: 15mA
    RX Listen: 6mA
    TX HT40, MCS7 @15dBm: 210 mA
    TX CCK, 11Mbps @19dBm: 242mA
  • supported Interface
    • SPI (not in firmware included)
    • UART
    • GPIO (not in firmware included)
    • JTAG (not in firmware included)
    • PWM (not in firmware included)
  • Interfaces:
    RS232 / UART sub-D3.3VCC
  • 4 Status LED
  • Button:
    Exit / Default


Weitere Informationen

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Technical Informations:

This product is an embedded module based on the universal serial interface network standard, built-in TCP / IP protocol stack, enabling the user serial port, wireless network (wifi) interface between the conversions.

Through the RS232 to WLan Board module, the traditional serial devices do not need to change any configuration, data can be transmitted through the network.


  • Low power consumption; Quick start;;network connect quickly
  • Perfect support 802.11b/g/n
  • Support all wifi encryption:WEP/WPA-TKIP/WPA-AES/WPA2-TKIP/WPA2-AES
  • No driver need serial port configuration
  • Support STA/AP mode
  • Support TCP Server/TCP Client/UDP Server/UDP Client
  • Support DHCP DNS HTTP
  • Support serial at command also network at command
  • Support SmartLink function,use app to config the module connect the wireless router
  • CE/FCC support,ROHS standard support

Module Parameters:

Parameter Description / Values
Wireless IEEE 802.11nIEEE 802.11gIEEE 802.11b
Wireless Rate 11n:up to 150Mbps
11g: up to 54Mbps
11b: up to 11Mbps
Channel 1-14
Frequency range 2.4-2.4835G
Send Power 15-18 DBM


Antenna Type External antenna I-PEX connector


WiFi mode Sta/soft ap
Encryption 64/128/WEP encryption


RS232 to TCP / IP

Max Serial rate 115200 bps
TCP max. connection 4
UDP max. connection 4


RS232 to WLan Board Data Sheet (360 Downloads)


A simple Windows Configuration Tool for RS232 to WLan Board

RS232 to WLan Configuration Tool (353 Downloads)


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